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Ben's latest solo EP of original electronic music has been released as a limited edition vinyl release (200 hand-numbered copies) by local Portland label Buried In Time - click link to see the jacket design and hear samples. Artwork and design by Deon Staffelbach.

'Pyramid Transmissions' (London, UK) compilation entitled 'Interstellar Communications Vol 1' has been released on a 2x12 vinyl set with one of Ben's tracks called 'Pulser', other artists featured on the record are ADJ, Senor Frio (another Portland artist), Pathic and more. Ben also has music featured on the follow-up compilation release 'Interstellar Communications Vol 1.1'.

'Acre Recordings' (Edinborough, Scotland) compilation entitled 'Codex01' has been released on vinyl with one of Ben's older tracks called 'Stitch', other artists featured on the record are Funckarma, C. Mantle and Phausis. In 2013 Acre Recordings released two digital compilations entitled 'lugeri Sonus II' and 'lugeri Sonus III', each one featuring Ben's music along with many other talented electronic artists.

'Cloud 11' CD compilation from local Portland label 'Cartesian Binary' has been released featuring one of Ben's tracks alongside of other artists such as Funckarma, L'usine, EVAC, Rena Jones and more.


4/4/15 - DJ set at Night Bridge - fundraiser for Playground Park Party, Tonic Lounge, Portland

4/10/15 - Cascadia Composers 'Hit on the World', Portland

4/11/15 - Satori Men's Choir Spring Concert, Portland

4/19/15 - WHUUF Choir, Portland

4/28/15 - Shine Children's Chorus Annual School Tour, Portland

4/25/15 - Shorty and the Mustangs, The Landmark Saloon , Portland

5/3/15 - Shine Children's Chorus Spring Concert, Portland

5/17/15 - WHUUF Choir, Portland

6/7/15 - Satori Men's Choir June Concert, Portland

7/20/13 - Photosynthesis Festival, Neah Bay, WA

12/09/12 - Shine Children's Chorus , TaborSpace, SE 55th and Belmont, Portland

11/30/12 - Satori Men's Choir , Artichoke Music , Portland

11/24/12 - Shorty and the Mustangs , The Landmark Saloon , Portland

11/17/12 - Satori Men's Choir , The Old Church, Portland

12/11/11 - WHUUF Choir, Portland

11/19/11 - Satori Men's Choir, The Old Church, Portland

11/6/11 - WHUUF Choir, Portland

10/22/11 - Portland Chamber Orchestra, Kaul Auditorium, Reed College, Portland. (Performing as part of the orchestra in two contemporary works - 'Frankenstein! by HK Gruber (NW premiere) and 'The Monster' by Duncan Neilson (world premiere))

10/9/11 - WHUUF Choir, Portland

10/2/11 - Shine Children's Chorus, Walk To Cure Diabetes, Oaks Bottom Amusement Park, Portland

6/3/11 - Performances with Shine Children's Chorus, Portland, exact location TBA

5/22/11 - Performance with WHUUF Choir

5/21/11 - Performance with Satori Men's Choir at The Old Church, Downtown Portland

4/29/11 - Electronic Music performance, Portland, exact location TBA

4/8/11 - Performances with Shine Children's Chorus at Hayhurst School and Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Portland

3/12/11 - Performance with Satori Men's Choir at The Old Church, Downtown Portland

1/23/11 - Performance with Satori Men's Choir at Hillsboro United Methodist Church, Hillsboro, OR

12/11/10 - Performance with Satori Men's Choir at Oasis, Macy's in Downtown Portland

12/8/10 - Performance with Satori Men's Choir at The Grotto, NE Portland

12/5/10 - Performance with WHUUF Choir

11/20/10 - Performance with Satori Men's Choir at The Old Church, Downtown Portland

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