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"Hey Ben, Thanks for being the perfect piano teacher for [my son]. The way you match him and challenge him when he challenges you, the way you are serious and goofy within the same five seconds that is perfect for a ten-year-old kid, and the way that you compliment his playing then quietly suggest ways to improve without faulting him. My hope is that you are his forever teacher."
- Lisa M.

"Ben has taught our daughter for several years, and we enthusiastically recommend him as a highly capable piano teacher! She appreciates that since he is an excellent pianist himself with ability in several genres, he is able to help her explore a variety of music as her interests expand. We believe Ben does an excellent job of coaxing the musician out of the person and helps to develop in them a real love for
the music!"
- Kelly L.

"I believe Ben's main strength as a teacher is his ability to listen to his students and in working with them so "piano lessons" become not just a skill their parents have forced upon them but a "life skill" that they will always have as they grow older."
- Eric L.

"There are many competent piano instructors available; what sets Ben apart is his attitude toward music and his students. We could tell from our initial acquaintance that Ben has an intrinsic love of playing the piano. He sets higher standards for his students and inspires them to achieve more. The reason he is able to successfully do so is he takes the time and thought to understand each of his students."
- Wendy L.

"Ben has been able to keep our son's interest in piano lessons by accommodating the kinds of music our son likes into the lessons while creatively incorporating studies on rhythm, scales, dynamics and the like."
- Janet C.

"Ben communicates well with his students. He encourages students' equality and initiation in the learning process. He keeps them focused, keeps them interested, and keeps them coming back and wanting more. [My son] has never found playing piano boring under Ben's instruction."
- Eric L.

"[My daughter] is really enjoying her piano lessons and it's nice to see how enthusiastic she is about practicing. Thank you for keeping her so interested!"
- Wendi B.

"[My daughter] really enjoys playing the piano and has thrived since she has started to study with you."
- Magdalena K.

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